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Parameters for The Joseph L. LeClair Jr. and Yvonne LeClair Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Overview

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    Help make the scholarship fund last forever;           donate by check to the order of: National                               Financial Services,  memo:
                          LeClair Scholarship Fund

  •  Awards may be made for educational scholarship for Watertown/Oakville boy scouts entering advanced education following high school. 
  •  Awards may also be made to individual boy scouts needing financial assistance for High Adventure scouting activities on an as-needed basis.                                                                                      
  • Awards may be made to boy scouts outside of Troop 52, but within the parameters of scouts living in Watertown/Oakville or belonging to a Watertown/Oakville Troop. 
  •  Scouts must have been active members of scouting for a minimum of two years and in good standing. 
  •  Weight for award may be given to Eagle scouts, but is most certainly and should not be limited to any scout rank.  Since Joe LeClair himself achieved the rank of Second Class, this is an example that all boy scouts should be considered equally, regardless of rank.  
  •   If possible, smaller, more numerous awards, should be made from available fund interest rather than one or two large awards, per the request of Joseph LeClair Jr.  
  •   As many boy scouts as are interested may apply for a scholastic award. The Scholarship Committee will use its discretion as to number of awards and financial amount of each.    
  •  Serious consideration should be given to family income and number of family members or extraneous circumstances.  Examples of these would be single parent families, illness in the family, recent unemployment, additional siblings in college or higher education, etc.   
  •  Awards should be weighted more heavily on financial need than on merit, however, both should be considered.  
  •  Awards should be given directly to scouts, not to the institute of higher education. 
  •   Parameters for Objective and Disbursements may be altered by majority vote of the Troop 52 General Committee or its successor. 

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