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Submarine Maneuvers
Equipment Blindfolds
Rules/Play One patrol leader is the commander of his submarines. His job is to navigate as many subs as he can through a mine field in a set amount of time - 5 minutes per patrol is a good starting point. The opposing patrol leader sets up and manages his mine field to blow up the subs. Lay out a start line and finish line with the minefield between the two. The 'Mine' patrol leader tells each mine where to stand in the minefield. Then, each mine puts on a blindfold. The patrol leader stands at the starting line to shout directions as needed. All submarines stand at the starting line. Their patrol leader is at the finish line. The first submarine puts on a blindfold and listens to his patrol leader's directions. As the submarine is navigated through the mines, the 'Mine' patrol leader can tell specific mines to reach forward, back, left, or right to touch a sub. The mines cannot move their feet. When a sub is touched, it is destroyed, but the mine is still active. A destroyed sub removes his blindfold and leaves the game field.

Scoring 1 point for each sub that gets through the mine maze.


Balloon Aloft Game

Equipment Large inflated balloon for each patrol. Markers

Rules/Play Each patrol draws a patrol symbol on their balloon.  In a large play area, each patrol tries to keep their balloon in the air the longest
  1. No catching or holding a balloon.
  2. When your patrol's balloon pops or touches the ground, your entire patrol leaves the play area.
  3. Optional: scouts can hit the balloons from other patrols.
Scoring The patrol that has their balloon for the longest in the air wins.

Tail Grab

Equipment Kerchiefs or bandanas.  Tokens
Rules/Play Define a play area depending on size of group. Give each scout a token such as a penny or bean. Each scout puts his kerchief hanging out the back of his pants waist band or belt loop.Scouts spread out around the playing area. On 'Go' signal, each scout tries to take the tail from another scout while protecting his own tail. Once a scout has a tail in hand, he is 'safe' while he exchanges the tail for all of the scout's tokens. The scout that lost his tail takes his tail back and leaves the game. Once the exchange is made, the scout with tokens is fair game.

Scoring The winner is the scout with the most tokens when time is called.


Trash Ball

Equipment A wastebasket and a ball – Nerf, tennis etc. (Have more than one ball to speed the game up)

Rules/Play Divide players into patrols or teams. Place chairs around a basket. Players stand behind a chair. Start going clockwise, giving scouts a turn to throw the ball into the wastebasket. Each successful throw, where it goes into the basket, will earn 2 points for their patrol/team. If the balls goes in, but bounces out the team gets 1 point.
Scoring The team with the most points wins.

Amoeba Tag

Equipment None

Rules/Play Out of a large group, pick one person to be the Amoeba. They will proceed to chase people around and try to tag them. A tagged person must link arms with whoever tagged them. Whenever an amoeba chain gets to 4 people, they split in half.  If a person leaves the designated boundaries, they are out.

Scoring The last person that remains non-amoebafied wins.


Ante Over

Equipment A rubber ball, a barrier such as a strung up tarp (something you can’t see over).

Rules/Play Split the teams in half, and sends each team on one side of the barrier. One person will yell Ante Over and throw the ball over the barrier. If anyone on the other team then catches the ball without letting it touch the ground, then they run around the barrier, and try to hit someone of the opposing team with it. The opposing team is safe if they run around to the other side of the barrier, and if they are hit by the ball, they must switch teams.
Scoring Keep taking turns throwing the ball over, until everyone is on one team.


Island Hopping

Equipment Sheets of paper for each player plus one extra.

Rules/Play Line up pieces of paper. Have everyone stand on their pieces, leaving the extra one at the back. The scouts will then take the paper and pass it up to the front, allowing them to advance one piece of paper. This will continue until all scouts and pieces of paper are across the finish line. If a person touches the ground, then they drown, and the whole patrol/den has to go to the starting line without resetting their time.

Scoring The patrol/den that gets across to the finish line the fastest, with all patrol/den members alive, wins.


Tape Relay

Equipment Pieces of masking tape.

Rules/Play Put tape in a scattered form like “Joe’s basketball” game. Hop on one foot at a time jumping from tape to tape to the other side of the room and back. Each patrol will relay.

Scoring The fastest patrol to go to the end of the room and back in the shortest time wins.


Broom Hockey

Equipment Brooms for each player and a ball.

Rules/Play Break area into 4 quadrants. 2 members from each team in each quadrant plus a goal and a goalie. People cannot go into goalie area or other quadrants. The ball cannot be picked up, kicked, or thrown. Ball can be passed from players in one quadrant to players in another.

Scoring Teams score when the ball gets past the goalie into the goal. 


Equipment Any soft ball that won't hurt when it hits someone.
Rules/Play Every scout is assigned a number from 1 to the number of players.
Players form a close circle with one scout in the center who has the ball.
The scout throws the ball straight up as high as he can and yells out a number.
Everyone scatters except the scout whose number was called. He catches or picks up the ball. As soon as he has the ball, he yells "SPUD" and everyone must freeze.
The scout with the ball can then take up to 3 giant steps towards any scout he wants. He then throws the ball at the scout. The target scout can move all parts of his body to dodge the throw - except his feet.
If the scout is hit, he gets S otherwise the thrower gets S.
Everyone gets back in a circle and whichever scout received a letter gets to throw the ball up for the next round.
Scoring When a scout reaches S-P-U-D, he is out of the game. Or, after a set time, the person with the least letters is the winner.

Capture The Fort
Equipment soccer ball or NERF ball
Rules/Play At least 7 scouts per team.

One team stands in a circle facing outward. Each scout places his left hand on the right shoulder of his neighbor and must keep it there. The team leader stands in the center of the circle. This is the fort.
The other team spreads out outside the fort. These are the attackers.
The soccer ball is a bomb. The leader drops the bomb to the attackers. They try to kick the bomb through the holes in the fort wall - between legs or between bodies. Or, they can kick it over the top of the wall.
If the bomb touches the ground inside the fort, it explodes. The team leader in the fort can catch the bomb and throw it back before it touches the ground. The walls can use their bodies or right hand to deflect the bomb.
Scoring Either switch sides after each explosion or after a set time limit.



Equipment A wastebasket and a ball. (It maybe have more than one ball to speed the game up)

Play Divide players into even teams. Place chairs around a basket. Players stand behind a chair. Start going clockwise, giving scouts a turn to throw the ball into the wastebasket. Each successful throw, where it goes into the basket, will earn 2 points for their team. If the balls goes in, but bounces out the team gets 1 point


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