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The Patrol Coach 

 I. The Patrol

        A. Evaluate the patrol corner each Wednesday.
                1. Is the patrol leader prepared?
                2. Does he share leadership?
                3. Does Each member of the patrol know what is to be accomplished tonight?
                4. Is a member a behavior problem

        B. Things to do at patrol corner:
                1. Plan opening / closing / service duties.
                2. Review menu, transportation, equipment for event.
                3. Practice skills for upcoming competitions.
                4. Get Ideas for Green Bar meeting.
                5. Review decisions and program planned at Green Bar.

        C. Each Wednesday find time after patrol corners to review progress with the patrol leader:
                1. Give constructive criticism privately.
                2. Be sure to give him a “pat on the back” when he does well.
                3. Encourage him to share leadership with members of his patrol.
                4. Review his plans for next week’s meeting.

II. The Individual
        A. Be aware of each Scout’s advancement needs and help the Assistant Patrol Leader
             keep him on track.
        B. Help the patrol prepare the new Scout for his first camping trips.
        C. Be on the lookout for boys who are disgruntled or losing interest.

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