Troop Meeting 

Troop 52 meetings are usually structured according to the following schedule.  There are occasions when it differs, such as: Parents night and Eagle Scout Courts of Honor.  Meetings are held every Wednesday at 7:00 pm.

6:45 p.m.-7:00 p.m.   -   Pre-opening - This usually consists of a short skill presentation 
7:00 p.m.-7:10 p.m.   -   Opening - Announcements etc.
7:10 p.m.-7:20 p.m.   -   First Patrol Corners - Patrols go to their table and take care of patrol business.  (Planning for Campout, hike, next months Program, Attendance)
7:20 p.m.-7:40 p.m.   -   Demonstration - A presentation of more advance skills, often with group participation.
7:40 p.m.-8:00 p.m.   -   Game - Scouts will play a game for a bit to have some fun and help break up the meeting. Sometimes this is a patrol competition.
8:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m.   -   Advancement - Scouts have a half hour to 45 minutes to work on advancing to their next rank.  Skills are taught and merit badges are offered during this time.
8:30 p.m.-8:45 p.m.   -   2nd Patrol Corners - A few minutes to finish up planning and open patrol issues.  This time is given only if patrols need it, otherwise advancement is extended.
8:45 p.m.-8:55 p.m.   -   Closing - This is to complete the meeting with any further announcements or reminders before leaving. 
8:55 p.m.-9:10 p.m.   -   Green Bar - Troop Leadership Council. This is a time when the junior leadership (Patrol Leaders, Senior Patrol Leader, and his staff) meet to discuss planning, program, problems, and any responsibilities that need to be handed out.

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