Controlling the Group

Worst times for control?  Patrol Corners, Games.

1) Patrol Corners

 • Plan ahead “Be Prepared” Keep it moving
 • Seat yourself where you can be seen and heard
 • Share Leadership
 • Adult back-up when needed

2) Large Groups (Game, Demo, Campfire, etc.)

 • No lags between events.  Next leader to be ready to take over immediately
 • Don’t let it drag on too long.
 • Stay Calm. Don’t try to out shout them.
 • Split the group into smaller sections if needed
 • Don’t over-use the Scout Sign.
 • Keep everyone involved ( physically and mentally )
 • Skill demonstrations: ask questions.  Better if scouts can get hands on
 • Games: Keep everyone involved. In a relay call numbers so everyone  must be alert .
 • Even though one leader is leading an activity, you are all leaders